Thursday, October 8, 2009

11 SEO Quick Tips

SEO Tips for Blogging are Most Necessary. Posting valuable posts are not enough. Having a good Alexa Rank doesn't prove that You are Improving. Take Things in this way :-

Making a Good Post is Like Building a House. Giving it a Quality Title is Like Colouring your House with Attractive Colours. And finally SEO is like having a address to that home, so that people can Locate your Home.

Search Engines have their own Scripts. Those scripts are known as Spiders. They come to your site and search for every single letter. Now, if you have defined everything in a notable manner, it will note down those things. And whenever someone does a search, it will show your site. So, Doing SEO for a Blog is very Essential and SEO also increases a Blog’s Value.
  • Let the Search Engines find you. Submit your Blog to Search Engines as many as you can! Most popular is Google.
  • Exchange Links with other Sites/Blogs. Keep a Blogroll in your Blog.
  • Create a Sitemap and Submit it to Google Webmasters Tools. In this way your Links will get Indexed Quickly and This will help you in getting a Decent PR.
  • Add your Websites to Online directories such as
  • Use more text rather than images and videos. Spiders neither can read images nor videos. So, limit your image uses.
  • If you are Posting Contents from other websites, then leave a linkback to that site. It means mention the site’s address in your post.
  • Do not refer or add links to warez, porn, illegal or gambling sites. It will affect your PR.
  • This is not Yahoo/MSN. So, do not ever use shot forms. Like ‘r’ for ‘are’ or ‘u’ for ‘you’. Spiders are not that much clever ;)
  • Always use Keywords tags, meta etc with your posts. These are considered as strong SEO factors.
  • Never use irrelevant keywords within your title. Make it short and to the point.
These are the Basic SEO or Search Engine Optimisation Quick Tips! I'll Cover All these Points in Detail later. Subscribe to our RSS Feed to get Updates!

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